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When it comes to looking good, it’s the finishing touches that matter most. Take any metal surface, it won’t look good unless it has an impeccably finished paint job. In order to achieve that, in some cases a no better alternative is sandblasting. Let’s take a look at what sandblasting is and why it is so important. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

What is Sandblasting?

Abrasive blasting is the process of propelling an abrasive material known as the blast media at high speeds targeting a surface to change said surface. Sandblasting is abrasive blasting that uses garnet, copper slag, glass, plastic, walnut shells even ice can be used as the blast media. Sandblasting has a lot of different uses.

What Are Its Uses?

Sandblasting has many uses across a variety of industries. But perhaps the most prominent use of sandblasting is in the painting industry. Sandblasting can be used to remove rust/corrosion, paint and a wide range of other things.

Why is it Important?

Sandblasting is important because it can clean most surfaces. When these unwanted coatings or corrosion are removed, the painting surface becomes very smooth, which is part of the process in getting the surface ready to be spray painted with the chosen paint system. As a result a perfect paint finish can be achieved. • As you can see, sandblasting is absolutely essential in achieving a high quality finish. Whether you’re talking about any metallic surfaces, sandblasting is the best way to go if you want a finish to last many years.

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